Galactic Exodus

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The site is always evolving. There will be more to investigate as work progresses and projects are added to these pages. The foremost of these projects is  GALACTIC EXODUS (the first completed volumes are now available through TRAFFORD PUBLISHING and Amazon.com, and soon may appear in book stores). Links on the GALACTIC EXODUS page will take you to sites where the book[s] may be purchased. The remainder of the site holds things not for sale, but which have been created for the author's personal amusement and are presented here more out of a spirit of entertainment than financial gain. Many of its elements consist of spin-offs from GALACTIC EXODUS (see especially the Mythokrates material and Cosmology w/o Headaches); some from passion for music (Project Rheingold and VolksWagner), history, and philosophy; the rest can be assigned simply to mental venting: things I have been somehow stimulated (or compelled) to write or assemble (who knows from where such impulses emanate), hoping someone like you would find enjoyment therein. In the modern spirit of unending entertainment, I have tried to make the site itself amusing and colorful. There are means by which you can respond to my ruminating, and I would certainly appreciate feedback and comments--and I will reply when appropriate. From time to time I will be adjusting, adding, and generally fiddling with these pages when I am not working on a project or rehearsing for some musical event or traveling or doing whatever else may crop up to fill my life (or mind) with adventure. If this welcome mat has not piqued your interest, please, before you leave, click on the GALCTIC EXODUS page for a quick look---and, if you have a moment, let me know what you think. After all, a number of modern philosophers hold that opinions are all we really have. Although I am not of that persuasion, yours will be most welcome.
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Dear Dr. Somers:
If you are not already a doctor in your field, you should be.
—Will Durant [1885-1981]

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The books described on GALACTIC EXODUS page are now available from publisher (just click above book cover pictures to link and purchase from Trafford).
Counterdance of the Cybergods
 is  also available from amazon.com and possibly other internet bookshops.
Seeking help in Geneva
The music is Chopin
PRELUDE No.45 ---- 
a performance on the antique 9-1/2 foot Steinway owned by the 
Community Music Center
San Francisco 
and dedicated to me by French-Cuban-American pianist, Madi Barrena
(an encore from her San Francisco debut recital).
The recital was recorded and produced as a CD by SomerSong Concepts for Madi's friends. It is not mass produced and not generally for sale. But if you like her playing, I could make a copy for you. It's a two disk set, with the program shown on the right.
At the risk of obscene profit, I would have to charge you $20 for the materials, the time it takes to burn the CD, print the labels and jacket liner, and put a package together (incl. postage). 
This is not intended to be a commercial site, and I do not intend to lean in that direction, so I hope I do not sound like I am pushing this. Nothing is actually for sale here (though I am shamelessly pushing my book), so there are no shopping carts to fill, nor are credit cards accepted. If you e-mail such a request, however, I am sure we can work it out. 
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