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The entire opera has been meticulously matched with a new translation/adaptation called ‘Language Synchronization’®. By this means, reading this rather ‘Americanized’ translation along with the singing while listening to a complete recording of this music drama, the illusion is presented that the singers (in the original German) are speaking in a rich, Germanic-accented English—a kind of mythological ‘other’ language that is thus revealed. The translation was made to be presented as subtitles for a fully animated motion picture version of DAS RHEINGOLD, uncut and unscathed, so as to present the terrific scenes and effects longed for by the composer, which he very effectively painted with the music, but which are incapable of realization on the live stage. For arguments and expectations in this regard, see excerpts from my material by clicking over various items on this page, particularly the humorous but not tongue-in-cheek article, VolksWagner, included in its entirety for your amusement (click on logo above). The movie has not been produced (yet), but I still expect that one day (I hope not posthumously, but it's entirely possible) this screenplay/storyboard will find its way to the attention of someone with the imagination and wherewithal to realize its fabulous possibilities. In the nearly thirty years since I began this project, I have not encountered a single person who would not pay (even signigicantly more than the already outrageous prices) to attend such a movie. Nor have I found a single person who would pay to make it—nor have I found a single person (or organization which could afford to make it) who would even open the package containing my ideas in order to truly evaluate them. Such are the ways of our litigious society.

Maybe someone accidentally visiting this website will have the necessary connections to push this further up the hill. There is much more to be revealed, including the beginnings of what will be a complete shooting script, matching every character movement and change of viewing angle and scene edit precisely with the music (thus adding the element of the dance to this ‘fusion of the arts’) and a short prologue to transition from real life to the animated world of ‘Rheingold,’ during which characters can be introduced and prefatory credits displayed. I have conceived also a special and relatively simple means of creating never before attempted effects. Revelation of some of my material will surely require the presence of attorneys (some may actually require their absence). But I will be happy to send a pretty convincing package to a responsible party. Arrangements may be made by contacting me personally.  HINT: 2013 brings Wagners 200th Birthday.

For everyone else, I sincerely hope you enjoy investigating the images and outlines of the idea, and that you will one day have the opportunity to see the film suggested and partially described here.  Incidentally, the hoped for film will be highly realistic in style--more on the order of Boris Vallejo paintings--not at all like the drawings on this page or the dramicbook excerpts found below.
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Translation / Adaptation
Language Synchronization
Goddess of Youth & Beauty
God of Fire
In charge of general and  psychological mischief.
Votan's counselor
DONNER, God of Thunder (Thor), The climate control god.
God of War
He rules by might, but comes to realize that might oneday will be ruled by wealth.
He must
wrest the RING from ALBERICH before the Nibelung figures out how to use its power to rule the world.

God of Spring
and of Art
and color
Goddess of Marriage, Family, The Hearth
blow up some
heavy weather.

Drawings by
Larry Gonich
Giants by Larry Gonich
by Arnie Jensen
by Arnie Jensen
by Arnie Jensen
by Larry Gonich
by Larry Gonich
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Votan and Logeh arrive in Nibelheim
VolksWagner EssayVolksWagner Essay
VolksWagner EssayVolksWagner EssayVolksWagner Essay
VolksWagner EssayVolksWagner EssayVolksWagner EssayVolksWagner Essay
VolksWagner EssayVolksWagner EssayVolksWagner Essay
VolksWagner EssayVolksWagner Essay
VolksWagner Essay
VolksWagner EssayVolksWagner Essay
Cell 1
Cells 2-8
This is a test!
as time allows.
There will be nearly 100 drawings here, from ALBERICH's
re-entrance through his transformation to monstrous serpent (now complete), plus I am hoping to add a shorter scene from Act IV, where DONNER gathers the mists into a roaring tempest and FROH creates the Rainbow Bridge to Valhalla.
(All in due time.)
These are not indicative of the look of the planned movie.
The idea is to make the movie a realistic fantasy--
more like the scenes and characters in the Greek/Persian war animation: the 300.
As you may have experienced by now, there are already problems of unsteadiness with this site on the technology end, even though I am still way below the capacity I am allowed.
Wish me luck regarding ultimate success, as I wish you luck in playing the excerpts and following the music and cells.
(If it is temperamental, you might try another browser.)

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Please let me know how it works for you.

MIMEH begins his taleLOGEH sympathizesMIMEH tells the secretThe good old daysMIMEH expands his complaintof ALBERICH's greedMIMEH reveals ALBERICH's intent
ALBERICH, wearing the magic RING & Tarnhelm, mocks the Gods with his new-found power.
MIMEH's mistreatmentIntro to the TarnhelmForging the TarnhelmCoveting the HELMMIMEH's treachery
Cells 9-15
LOGEH interrogates MIMEH recallsDiscovering the magicDescribing the HELM's powerRecalling ALBERICH's vanishing act.Gods plot to trap ALBERICHLOGEH 'misleads' MIMEH
Cells 16-22
ALBERICH approachesHerding the HordeALBERICH harasses his slavesMore derision1st piling of the treasureALBERICH notices his guestsALBERICH chastisies MIMEH
Cells 23-29
ALBERICH Remembers his slavesALBERICH puts MIMEH in chargeALBERICH reminds Nibelungs of his powerALBERICH prepares the send-offALBERICH gives ordersNibelungs scatter
Cells 30-35
FASOLT and FAFNIR, Giants who have built VOTAN's castle
(Valhalla), and are now demanding payment.
The payment is FRYA, Goddes of Youth and Beauty. They are  victims of LOGHE and VOTAN's treachery. VOTAN withdraws the offer of FRYA. The Giants finally agree to take all of ALBERICH's treasure and the RING instead.
Unfortunately technology is lagging. Your browser may not play the music for the scenes below.
Mozilla often plays only the first cell; IE plays it all but with skips and jumps; AOL the same. Maybe it's my computer; maybe your browser will work better. Good luck. Let me know how it works for you. --MS
To sample Language-Synchronization in the DramicBook format
1.  Click on sound device above Cell 1, then immediately click on associated comic strip (Cell 1);
2.  When music stops, click 'X' in last cell (or click outside, in black area) to close Cell 1; THEN:
3.  Click on sound device above Cells 2-8, then immediately click on 1st cell of strip 2-8;
4.  Follow dialogue syllable by syllable to end of last phrase in each cell;
5.  As dialogue in each cell ends, click on right half of cell (not in black outside) for NEXT cell;
6.  When music stops, click 'X' in last cell (or click outside, in black area) to close cell strip;
7.  Click on sound device above Cells 9-17, then immediately click on 1st cell of strip 9-17, ETC.
Continue as above with each strip in numerical order to end of DramicBook excerpt.
ALBERICH challenges the GodsALBERICH sees through the ployLOGE reminds him of former friendshipLOGEH says 'You owe me.'ALBERICH is not amusedALBERICH denounces LOGEHLOGEH known to be false
ALBERICH mocks the GodsLOGEH patronizes ALBERICHALBERICH begins to go for itVOTAN wonders what ALBERICH will buyALBERICH is just hoarding nowPossibilities are unlimitedVOTAN expresses doubts
Cells 36-42
ALBERICH unveils his planALBERICH recalls stealing the RINGALBERICH prophesies the gods' destructionALBERICH presents his view of the Gods ALBERICH's envyALBERICH threatens to violate the goddessesAlberich makes sure his 'guests' ae listening
VOTAN nearly blows it.LOGEH patronizes furtherMore schmoozing from LOGEHLOGEH points out a potential problemLOGEH suggests mutinyDoes ALBERICH have a solution?ALBERICH claims no problem
Cells 43-49
Cells 50-56
Cells 57-63
It's the Tarnhelm, stupid!It's a transforming device.The invisible NibelungSo ALBERICH is unbeatableLOGEH feigns disbeliefThe gods need proofALBERICH voices confidenceALBERICH arranges a demonstration
Cells 64-71
Transformation 1This ought to be goodOh, oh!Whoa!Holy ERDA!LOGEH in a burst of flameTransformation into serpent completeNot bad, ALBERICH.
How's that, LOGEH?But can you be harmless?Small is probably too toughSomething like a toad, perhaps?Nothing to it!
Transformation 2ALBERICH is soughtALBERICH is caughtThe kidnapping of ALBERICHEnd of SCENE THREETRANSITION SCENE--The Ascent from Nibelheim begins
Cells 72-79
Cells 80-84
Cells 85-90
Excerpt from


End of

(Ascent to the Mountaintops)

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Black and white drawings (mostly) by Arnie Jensen / color highlights added for effect by me (maybe it was a mistake [sorry, Arnie], but I'll never admit it).